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John Ponzi receives the COPA Individual Award of Excellence - November 28th, 2013



 John Ponzi to receive the COPA

Individual Award of Excellence


Gianfranco “John” Ponzi, co-founder of Axxess Logistics, is the recipient of COPA’s prestigious Individual Award of Excellence for 2013. Despite the fact that John’s career in the office products industry has spanned an incredible five decades, he was shocked to learn he was the winner of this year’s award.
“Right away, I did feel quite surprised and taken aback; I mean, I never thought nor paid much attention to such things,” says John. “Then, on second thought, it makes me feel quite good with myself. It’s like taking another look in the mirror and discovering a guy one would not normally look at from the outside perspective.”
The man John sees in the mirror today is much different than the boy who started off his career selling Olivetti typewriters door-to-door in Italy in the early 1960s. By 1971, John’s excellence in leadership was rewarded when the company offered to transfer him to become the VP of marketing for Olivetti Canada. John’s wife and three children loved their new home in Canada, and after working for different companies for a few more years, John established his own company in 1989, which he co-founded with his oldest son, Daniele, in 1989: Axxess Logistics.
The company, which now operates as Interad Weston in the wholesale market, provides consumable IT supplies to 
resellers, contract stationers and major retailers. This company was the first independent Canadian-owned company to receive a direct wholesale distribution contract from HP in over 20 years. John is very proud of the business he has built and its successes, and he says it would not be what it is today without the hard work of many people.
“I started [the company], my son helped grow it, and many people helped nurture it,” says John. “It changed a lot in the process and keeps changing.”
In an industry that has changed greatly since John started his career (and changes even more rapidly as time goes on), John says that while the aesthetics of the industry may change, the core services and needs remain the same.
“By and large, I know—as we all know—that the ‘office place’ as we know it, a cluster of people working under the same roof, will disappear; yet the ‘office functions’ will always be there, as they were in ancient and medieval times,” says John. “Our industry will just naturally adjust, step-by-step, as it adjusted from the quill, to the typewriter, to the telex, to the fax, to the e-mail, and dropping the pencil, the carbon paper and the three-ring binder in the meantime, and moving on to 
virtual storage and instant text-messaging.”
Someday soon, John hopes to revamp his old interest in winemaking, growing his own grapes and creating his own blends, possibly in Tuscany. Until then, he continues to work hard in the office products industry, and although he’s been successful with his company for many years, John says there are no shortcuts to becoming a success.
“I keep a stone carving in my office,” says John. “It reads, ‘Great leaders are ordinary people with extraordinary determination,’ and another one reads, ‘Good judgment comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgment.’ I can see them every day when I walk into the office.”
Mr. Ponzi will be honoured in the presence of his family, staff and industry colleagues at the 2013 Stars Gala on November 28th at the Bellagio in Vaughan, ON. The Gala will recognize all the 2013 COPA Awards 
winners as well as raise proceeds for the COPA Scholarship Fund. Registration information will be coming soon.
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